Red Panda Cute #1


I still have this thing.

No one else does. Pretty sure they're all on tumblr.

But I still love all the times I've had with my LiveJournal, even if I barely look at it anymore.

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Cubi Ferret

I miss people.

I had a lot of friends on here, most of them are gone now.

FaceBook happened, Tumblr happened, there's really no one left over here.

But like a recalcitrant old fuddy duddy I refuse to move on because anyone I know here already has and I can't catch up with them.

Oh well. I'm old and grumpy and have work tomorrow. Hi internet.
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Nap Time!

You might wonder where I've been.

Well, the one or maybe even two people who still get updates when I post here. I'm idly debating moving to Tumblr or something, but this place is full of nostalgia for me.

Anyway. I said I had a job. Well, I still have a job. I'm an audio transcriptionist. I sit in front of a computer all day (with breaks) with headphones on, watching police interviews and transcribing them as accurately as possible. Only light stuff at the moment, the serious material when properly trained involves things like 000 calls, listening devices, body cams, et cetera.

It's in Sydney, permanent part time, three days a week (my days off are Monday and Friday). I catch a 7.33am train, get up there at 9.30am, start work by 9.40am, leave around 5.40pm (lunch break included, typical eight hour day) and catch a 6.06pm train to get home by roughly 8.30pm (pickup from the station included). The commute's murder even though I've been doing it for two months, and if it were full time I think I'd be dead.

My three month probationary period is up at the end of March, which will be when I find out if I'm kept on or let go. It's an interesting thing, really. How you doing, tumbleweeds?
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Smoking Jacket Panda

Oh hi, 2017.

Well the last month's been a blur, and now it's the new year.

Happy New Year!

.......shit, I start work next week. (Did I mention I got a job? I did. Oh god.)
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The Bemused Ice Cube

On this day, the 8th of November...

Thirty three years ago.

Some Australian punk decided it would be best to pop out of his mother three months ahead of schedule, nearly die, suffer a bunch of complications, and have his mother told he'd have any number of ailments from dwarfism to blindness to deafness and a bunch of other bloody things.

Then he grew up. And it's his birthday.

Here I am!
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I have to keep reminding myself this journal exists.

I mean, I don't use Facebook at all, and my Twitter account is mostly for publishing screenshots and things I find amusing when I'm playing videogames on the PS4. That's the source of my current music, as the Dark Souls 3 "Ashes of Ariandel" content came out fairly recently. I've also been playing the everloving bollocks out of Xenoverse 2, because as generically anime as Dragonball is? There is a certain catharsis in creating a pureblooded human character in a series dominated by Saiyans and going around and beating the whole plot to death with a man who isn't even wearing a shirt. The guest appearances by Xenoverse 1's former protagonist character import is also pretty awesome too.

Life continues like it always does, I am indeed an uncle now and the little spawn of my sister is resembling something human at this point. His name is Toby (short for Tobias) and he has his grandfather's (my father's) middle name. It's an odd mix of being proud for my sister and being so annoyed about the whole situation, because with one parent working and the other away a lot playing golf? I'm the only person around who can help my sister out if she needs a second person in the car to help with the kid while they're out and doing things. Someone to watch him while she gets fuel, or has to go to the bathroom while shopping, and so on. It's at once both something I don't mind doing and something I really wish the father was more reliably around for.

Still haven't made a particularly huge dent in either reading or DVDs. I'm currently reading Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, which basically reads like a story of inheritance, drama and politics - except every character involved is a dragon. And it is at once both weird and amazing and it's the sort of thing one hopes to pick up when they find books at a book fair. As for the immense list of DVDs I've slowly been working through, I can now cross off Crimson Peak as a rather fascinating movie and the documentary series The Hunt, yet another Sir David Attenborough masterpiece of nature storytelling. I then in an act of supreme genius found two other DVDs shopping that I'd been chasing and bought them, putting me back where I started like a total dumbass.

But yes, I'm still alive, for the one person reading all this, and things are still going well. I leave you with my latest commission piece, an old by many years wrestler-character turned furry turned RP-that-never-got-off-the-ground. Back when I used to name EVERYONE I made for seperate RPs all over the place the same thing. Janus. The art is by Magic (or as I still occasionally call him, Doctor Ink), and I am very pleased with it. Now it's nearly midnight and I'm just chilling around on my ancient computer machinery. Good evening, ladles and jellybeans.
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Lucky Star Ferret


Well, I have a man cave now.

My movies and games used to be in a seperate study room as to make things neat and not-cramped. That room has spent the last two days getting neatened up and cleared out in overdramatic preparation for my sister's pregnancy. Aka that room is now the baby room and my bedroom is now somewhat cramped but managed to fit everything I have into it, into corners, into the cupboards, into available space. And she has the almost comedic level of gall to say this disrupts her because now I'm right next door most of the time instead of down the hall on the computer.

On the other hand, I still have that adorable little pillow akutenshi7 made for me, it's a cushion for all the little plushes you can see stacked on my computer shelving there. The pillow itself is tucked behind them quite cozily.

Not much else to say really, other than I made a slight dint in my DVD collection and can cross off Predators (aka the most recent Predator film) and Hardcore Henry (FPS Violence: The Movie!). The latter is actually a really good if utterly ridiculous movie that uses its idea to great effect. Also the credits song is earwormy as hell.

Good evening.
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The Bemused Ice Cube

The quiet highlights of the past month or two.

Still haven't dug into my DVD pile to empty out the backlog, but at least it's not getting any bigger yet. I'm pretty sure it'll get worse before it gets better, metaphorically speaking.

No longer volunteering at the Salvos Store down the road due to six month clause in WfD rules. Left just before the new male manager arrived to try and rule over a shop full of independent older women, keep debating whether it's worth going down to crack jokes.

My brother's still getting checkups and his cancer is still right the fuck gone, which is excellent. Still being monitored of course, but all signs point to awesomeness with a side of cautious optimism because as good as it is you never know what might happen.

My sister is still pregnant, and as of... I think two weeks ago, is in her third trimester. Anecdotal: I was born at the end of my mother's second trimester, and take great amusement in people disbelieving I'm three months premature. Some people joke it explains a lot of things.

Current highlight: I just got paid $10USD for three pages of strung-together fetish scene that would need proper paragraphing and dialogue/monologue to make an actual story. Confused, I am.

How's your months been, tumbleweeds of Livejournal?
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Dreams Are Scary

Dream logs

Because I still use this journal for things!

Not that the dream has much context other than a windswept island in the middle of an unknown sea, with howling winds and a sprawling mansion that basically seems to take up the whole island. A better place might call it a town, but everything seems connected to the main hub like it's some sort of rickety old mega-mansion of times gone by. Barracks, rooms for the servants, gardens, hidden pathways, you name it. There seems to be no real context for my presence on the island either save for the fact that I've ended up there at the behest of something, and my life is about to go horribly, awfully wrong. There's no life on the island see, save for the owners of the mansion. While they can't cast spells of any kind, they're clearly supernatural and themed after the three witches (the Mother, the Maiden, and the Other One </discworld>) and very interested in their new visitor. The entire dream is a series of horror vignettes of creeping around the place with or without being detected, and usually dying awfully if I am. Usually it's the Other One who finds me somehow, whose preferred method of murdering a pretty is to take a pair of shearing scissors, stick it in the eye sockets, and SHNICK. In one vignette I actually alert the maiden instead from a floor below her position, and like bad videogame AI she tries to route to me and fails... that or I just didn't stick around long enough to find out. Her preferred method is implied to be strangling, from her long fingers and constant breathy giggling.

I never met the mother, with the dream implying she was the way to end whatever nightmare was going on on the island for good.
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