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Janus' Den
Pretty In Pink, Isn't He?
I still have this thing.

No one else does. Pretty sure they're all on tumblr.

But I still love all the times I've had with my LiveJournal, even if I barely look at it anymore.


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save the world?
I had a lot of friends on here, most of them are gone now.

FaceBook happened, Tumblr happened, there's really no one left over here.

But like a recalcitrant old fuddy duddy I refuse to move on because anyone I know here already has and I can't catch up with them.

Oh well. I'm old and grumpy and have work tomorrow. Hi internet.

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save the world?
Well, the one or maybe even two people who still get updates when I post here. I'm idly debating moving to Tumblr or something, but this place is full of nostalgia for me.

Anyway. I said I had a job. Well, I still have a job. I'm an audio transcriptionist. I sit in front of a computer all day (with breaks) with headphones on, watching police interviews and transcribing them as accurately as possible. Only light stuff at the moment, the serious material when properly trained involves things like 000 calls, listening devices, body cams, et cetera.

It's in Sydney, permanent part time, three days a week (my days off are Monday and Friday). I catch a 7.33am train, get up there at 9.30am, start work by 9.40am, leave around 5.40pm (lunch break included, typical eight hour day) and catch a 6.06pm train to get home by roughly 8.30pm (pickup from the station included). The commute's murder even though I've been doing it for two months, and if it were full time I think I'd be dead.

My three month probationary period is up at the end of March, which will be when I find out if I'm kept on or let go. It's an interesting thing, really. How you doing, tumbleweeds?

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save the world?
Well the last month's been a blur, and now it's the new year.

Happy New Year!

.......shit, I start work next week. (Did I mention I got a job? I did. Oh god.)

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save the world?
Thirty three years ago.

Some Australian punk decided it would be best to pop out of his mother three months ahead of schedule, nearly die, suffer a bunch of complications, and have his mother told he'd have any number of ailments from dwarfism to blindness to deafness and a bunch of other bloody things.

Then he grew up. And it's his birthday.

Here I am!

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Foiled 2 evil plans, care to save the world?
I mean, I don't use Facebook at all, and my Twitter account is mostly for publishing screenshots and things I find amusing when I'm playing videogames on the PS4. That's the source of my current music, as the Dark Souls 3 "Ashes of Ariandel" content came out fairly recently. I've also been playing the everloving bollocks out of Xenoverse 2, because as generically anime as Dragonball is? There is a certain catharsis in creating a pureblooded human character in a series dominated by Saiyans and going around and beating the whole plot to death with a man who isn't even wearing a shirt. The guest appearances by Xenoverse 1's former protagonist character import is also pretty awesome too.

Life continues like it always does, I am indeed an uncle now and the little spawn of my sister is resembling something human at this point. His name is Toby (short for Tobias) and he has his grandfather's (my father's) middle name. It's an odd mix of being proud for my sister and being so annoyed about the whole situation, because with one parent working and the other away a lot playing golf? I'm the only person around who can help my sister out if she needs a second person in the car to help with the kid while they're out and doing things. Someone to watch him while she gets fuel, or has to go to the bathroom while shopping, and so on. It's at once both something I don't mind doing and something I really wish the father was more reliably around for.

Still haven't made a particularly huge dent in either reading or DVDs. I'm currently reading Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, which basically reads like a story of inheritance, drama and politics - except every character involved is a dragon. And it is at once both weird and amazing and it's the sort of thing one hopes to pick up when they find books at a book fair. As for the immense list of DVDs I've slowly been working through, I can now cross off Crimson Peak as a rather fascinating movie and the documentary series The Hunt, yet another Sir David Attenborough masterpiece of nature storytelling. I then in an act of supreme genius found two other DVDs shopping that I'd been chasing and bought them, putting me back where I started like a total dumbass.

But yes, I'm still alive, for the one person reading all this, and things are still going well. I leave you with my latest commission piece, an old by many years wrestler-character turned furry turned RP-that-never-got-off-the-ground. Back when I used to name EVERYONE I made for seperate RPs all over the place the same thing. Janus. The art is by Magic (or as I still occasionally call him, Doctor Ink), and I am very pleased with it. Now it's nearly midnight and I'm just chilling around on my ancient computer machinery. Good evening, ladles and jellybeans.

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Foiled 1 evil plan, care to save the world?
My sister gave birth this morning.

I'm an uncle


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Foiled 3 evil plans, care to save the world?
Well, I have a man cave now.

My movies and games used to be in a seperate study room as to make things neat and not-cramped. That room has spent the last two days getting neatened up and cleared out in overdramatic preparation for my sister's pregnancy. Aka that room is now the baby room and my bedroom is now somewhat cramped but managed to fit everything I have into it, into corners, into the cupboards, into available space. And she has the almost comedic level of gall to say this disrupts her because now I'm right next door most of the time instead of down the hall on the computer.

On the other hand, I still have that adorable little pillow akutenshi7 made for me, it's a cushion for all the little plushes you can see stacked on my computer shelving there. The pillow itself is tucked behind them quite cozily.

Not much else to say really, other than I made a slight dint in my DVD collection and can cross off Predators (aka the most recent Predator film) and Hardcore Henry (FPS Violence: The Movie!). The latter is actually a really good if utterly ridiculous movie that uses its idea to great effect. Also the credits song is earwormy as hell.

Good evening.

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Foiled 1 evil plan, care to save the world?
Still haven't dug into my DVD pile to empty out the backlog, but at least it's not getting any bigger yet. I'm pretty sure it'll get worse before it gets better, metaphorically speaking.

No longer volunteering at the Salvos Store down the road due to six month clause in WfD rules. Left just before the new male manager arrived to try and rule over a shop full of independent older women, keep debating whether it's worth going down to crack jokes.

My brother's still getting checkups and his cancer is still right the fuck gone, which is excellent. Still being monitored of course, but all signs point to awesomeness with a side of cautious optimism because as good as it is you never know what might happen.

My sister is still pregnant, and as of... I think two weeks ago, is in her third trimester. Anecdotal: I was born at the end of my mother's second trimester, and take great amusement in people disbelieving I'm three months premature. Some people joke it explains a lot of things.

Current highlight: I just got paid $10USD for three pages of strung-together fetish scene that would need proper paragraphing and dialogue/monologue to make an actual story. Confused, I am.

How's your months been, tumbleweeds of Livejournal?

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Foiled 1 evil plan, care to save the world?
Because I still use this journal for things!

Not that the dream has much context other than a windswept island in the middle of an unknown sea, with howling winds and a sprawling mansion that basically seems to take up the whole island. A better place might call it a town, but everything seems connected to the main hub like it's some sort of rickety old mega-mansion of times gone by. Barracks, rooms for the servants, gardens, hidden pathways, you name it. There seems to be no real context for my presence on the island either save for the fact that I've ended up there at the behest of something, and my life is about to go horribly, awfully wrong. There's no life on the island see, save for the owners of the mansion. While they can't cast spells of any kind, they're clearly supernatural and themed after the three witches (the Mother, the Maiden, and the Other One </discworld>) and very interested in their new visitor. The entire dream is a series of horror vignettes of creeping around the place with or without being detected, and usually dying awfully if I am. Usually it's the Other One who finds me somehow, whose preferred method of murdering a pretty is to take a pair of shearing scissors, stick it in the eye sockets, and SHNICK. In one vignette I actually alert the maiden instead from a floor below her position, and like bad videogame AI she tries to route to me and fails... that or I just didn't stick around long enough to find out. Her preferred method is implied to be strangling, from her long fingers and constant breathy giggling.

I never met the mother, with the dream implying she was the way to end whatever nightmare was going on on the island for good.

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save the world?
Begin with a world that has undergone some sort of major event. Not an apocalypse or anything cataclysmic that wipes out the human race, but well... an Event. A group of entities referring to themselves as the New Gods have 'returned' to Earth to claim their rightful place as rulers. The punchline to their claims is that they all resemble the animal-headed Egyptian mythological gods (though unsurprisingly most people only recognise the 'famous' ones like Anubis and Horus. I think my dream reference pool was small). Life seems to go on as normal with this cluster of immortal, all-powerful entities who are capable of world-spanning effects basically taking over just one city, claiming it as their own - after a few demonstrations of immortality and phenomonal power that basically puts them at the top of the metaphorical food chain. So sometimes people go missing, stolen as slaves or playthings, and most deaths are soon from 'offending the gods' rather than anything so mundane as 'murder'. It's rather dystopic really, and in the middle of a dinner conversation between myself and a bunch of friends, one of the New Gods (shrouded in shadow, couldn't identify which) turns up and offers us a chance to spy on and possibly get back at them. They need one male, and one female.

One of my friends is chosen as the female, so I throw my hat in as the male. We're given masquerade-style masks - I get Anubis, my friend gets one resembling Thoth and we put them on. Nothing happens at first, but then my friend's latches onto her face and starts rather vividly and gruesomely transmuting her into an identical copy of Thoth that could pass any sort of physical test - her personality however remains the same. My first reaction is to freak out at how agonising it looks and I try to pull the Anubis mask off, but like the Jim Carrey movie it clings possessively to my face, wraps around my skull and I undergo the same painful but otherwise pretty impressive process. It's not every day you become ten feet tall, totally ripped, animal-headed, and carrying a jackal-headed scepter that seems to double as some sort of complex technological combat device. My friend and I check each other out, and the shadowy New God patiently awaits us adapting to our forms before teleporting us out and into the central tower of the big city, aka their 'home base', where every single floor of the skyscraper is laden with slaves, food, parties, torture... well... it's like one massive harem and the New Gods are doing what they like and not all of it is 'good'.

My friend and I are of course seperated during the teleport, so we're left to our own devices and occasionally check in with each other via telepathic link granted by the masks. I end up on the lower floors, they on the upper, and both of us do passing jobs at being immortal confident possibly-jerkbags. Without hurting anyone, surprisingly... at least until I'm frozen mid-exploration in the midst of a crowd and literally fall through the floor into what looks like a basement. A number of New Gods are waiting for me, though the only one that looks vaguely familiar in-dream is the one with the crocodile head. Oh, and the actual Anubis (whose scepter is transmuted into something more like an arm-wrapping power-fist device) who doesn't seem very impressed with his 'copy'. My first reaction is to panic and try and cover it up as a respectful imitation or something similar and I didn't mean offense - and surprisingly they seem to buy it, though I'm not sure why. The dream vaguely implies they might be rebels or disagree with the whole main idea of world domination, but I'm not given enough details because they haul me off (in a display of 'who's in charge') to talk to me somewhere more unoccupied - forcing me to abandon the friend who via link is a) worried like hell about me and b) just got busted and has no way out herself.

Then I woke up because of the stupid bedside table alarm.

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save the world?
Yeah, even I've been quiet here the past few months. I think jkatkina is the only other life I've seen here, save some crossposts from Tamora Pierce's journal. I think avon_deer might be reading too, but other than that Livejournal's really become sort of barren - probably why I've slowed my posting considerably outside of writing character retrospectives when they come to mind, heh. The problem being of course that I don't really have much going on that's about me personally - I do volunteer work twice a week to fulfill my obligations for just enough money to pay board and bills at home, because actual paying work is apparently only going to happen in locations much too far to travel to reliably. And for those that missed the things going on in my life:

- My brother had testicular cancer and had one of them removed, took one big shot of chemo, it came back, he did a full cycle of chemo, and is now recovering. His hair's growing back now, it looks kind of funny considering he was a long-haired metalhead for as long as I've known him.

- My younger sister is pregnant, nearing the eleven-week mark and while she's keeping the child it was an unintended pregnancy and no one is quite sure how things are going to go at the moment, especially with the problem of her personal bills stacking up.

And me? Retail volunteer work, sketching out writing ideas, the occasional roleplay. A lot of nostalgia about the past. Ear damage that recently got cleared out, and a possible visit to the doctor myself to decide whether or not I want the cysts on my leg taken off or not considering they're not dangerous in any way or fashion, just visually unappealing. The weather sucks, it's muggy and wet, and I'm just considering going through my extensive backlog of movies and literature that I really need to get into at some point. Such is life, as Ned Kelly was oft quoted to have said.

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Foiled 5 evil plans, care to save the world?
Character rambling: Core (of the problem)Collapse )

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save the world?
Begin on an Earth that has long since become a central hub for various visitations and alien life. Our protagonists are a bunch of people who are both regular people and fictional ones brought to life through unknown means, and one or two alien guys who have joined the cause. What is the cause you might ask, why that is defending the earth from suspicious activity and Earth-harming alien invasions. One might think invasions are a weird thing to think of when Earth is a galactic hubworld, but there are still species out there who seek to subjugate humanity. It's these species they're on the lookout for, particularly a breed called the Ocath - towering, armoured-EVA-suit things easily in the ten foot range, who have come up with an ingenious doppleganger scheme to replace important people on Earth. This is hardly original, substitutions are nothing new, but the important part of the dream is that they take out at least two human members of the protagonist team, and sub in altered versions who go out to do terrible crimes and thus slander the group's reputation and ability to work.

This causes a rift in the team, much confusion, and frustration around what to do next, and the ante is only upped when they stop receiving word from their Ocath infiltrator AND the brazen aliens substitute someone who's still alive - that is, they find out where the protagonists are and copy one of their men - so while they're in their small-time 'rebel' base planning, they can see outside where the substitute is promptly burglarising a building and threatening to murder its owner in full view of everyone. This motivates them to try and intervene - poorly, by drawing attention to the base and having one character point at the guy being dopplegangered as if to say he's the real one and the other's a fake. But because dream-people are stupid and the real guy is currently wearing big dark glasses he doesn't want to take off, everyone assumes the doppleganger is the real thing and their reputation tanks even more. It becomes so harsh that everyone basically decides to stay indoors for fear of being kidnapped and duplicated.

There's also a sex scene where the Gay Character needs to get laid and the Alien Shapeshifter (questionably male) offers to turn into his ideal man to give him the satisfaction so he doesn't go outside and get busted. There are multiple condoms on the floor before they're done.

The team is then called out because their Ocath Infiltrator finally gets in touch, and I'm brought along (apparently I'm some sort of diplomatic expert or something) and on initial contact we almost mistake the infiltrator for an actul Ocath. Tensions run high as the team starts acusing each other and him of the bullshit shenanigans going on lately, until I intervene (along with some soothing words from the Infiltrator) and point out we're not meant to be fighting each other, but protecting each other (and that includes the Infiltrator) from the Ocath. We have new information on our hands to deal with, and now a way to really get back at them. And then, naturally, I wake up.

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save the world?
Happy New Year~

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save the world?
- 1 new computer keyboard
- Ultimate Variety Pack (of chocolates)
- Pajama clothes insisting All I Care About Is Pizza
- both seasons of Penny Dreadful
- David Lynch's Dune (elder brother)
- a Baby Animals Calender
- Godzilla vs Biollante (younger sister)
- and a little Triad Ex-3 Nerf gun (also younger sister)

A Vampyre Story (Steam, Darthen and Nours)

Extended Family
Ceramic M&M mug with bag of chocolate M&Ms
Generic chocolate bag w/ JB Hifi (used to purchase Turbokid and The Last Unicorn) and Zing! gift cards
Jar of Milk Chews and Sherbies
An original-movie Terminator shirt (I'll be back)
Ant Man (DVD)

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save the world?
It is te day of Santa.

It is quarter past midnight on the 25th of December 2015.

Merry Christmas, whatever spambots and ancient readers who like me are clinging to livejournal but have ever less to say these days. :b

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Foiled 2 evil plans, care to save the world?
Awaken in a small room inside a non-descript grey concrete building that on the outside seems to be some sort of maintenance or storage area. It's located right in the middle of a busy town, right next to the parking lot for several shops and warehouses, more closely positioned to a back-alley exit instead of the main streeet on the far side of the parking lot. The interior seems non-descript as well, as four people discuss something. Two labcoated figures are seated in office chairs at a table, sitting before a mirror that is revealed to be the two-way, they-were-watching-someone kind. The third person is formally dressed and stern, while the last is in a traditional prison jumpsuit and repeating all sorts of things to themselves and to the listeners. From what can be discerned from the conversation, through some unknown method Jumpsuit has been given memories of, or been somehow sent back to the past. They are essentially reciting the whole truth and nothing but the truth of what the life of the local religious Jesus-analogue was, and unsurprisingly reality doesn't cross well with the religious truth written in the books. The other three actually find this interesting, especially when Jumpsuit starts on some doomsday, devil-and-angel speech.

They shut him up and Formal Suit tells the two that if anything goes wrong, especially since the process that either gave Jumpsuit the memories or sent him back is highly unstable and bizarre, to set off an alarm while they take Jumpsuit out and back to base. The two Labcoats agree while going over their notes and computers as the other two leave, and while Formal Suit is marching Jumpsuit over to the armored car that they came in, something suddenly seems different. A car alarm goes off, and it's recognisable as being a customised one, that of Labcoat #1. But when Formal Suit goes to look (after locking Jumpsuit in the armored car), the alarm has stopped and #1's car is nowhere to be seen, like it never existed. Feeling this counts as sounding an alarm, they draw a gun and head back towards the non-descript building, right as #2 comes wandering out dressed not in science gear but for a night on the town. Formal Suit takes #2 into custody while they scream and yell angrily that this isn't fair and that nothing's wrong, but at the same time they can't answer what the hell happened to #1.

And wake up.

(None of you are here anymore anyway~)

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save the world?
Thirty-two years of proving a whole lot of medical stuff they said about me when I was born wrong!

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save the world?
Imagine if you will an abandoned town, in some semi-rural locale. Not inland enough to be forested and bushy territory, and not dead and destroyed enough to be desert-y and postapocalyptic. It's still an abandoned town, that's not had any maintenance in quite some time, things falling apart, hasn't seen life in ages. Now imagine a bunch of kids (including yours truly, as dreams often do) playing mock war in the thing with mock guns, not even good guys and bad guys, but just a great big deathmatch freeforall. It seems totally harmless at first, but then during the battle adults show up, and not just any adults. There's at least two seperate teams of them, in proper military gear with proper military weapons, and what was one a kids game is suddenly a fight for survival. The Kids vs Group A vs Group B with no one on anyone else's side. It's terrible, bloody, violent, and most of the Kids die, but those that don't fight back rather adamantly. Killing adults on the other teams, stealing their weapons. It's hectic and unsafe and "I saw movement time to blow it the fuck away" twitchy. There's even things like snipers and for the love of god where did 'air support' come from?

But in the end after that long and brutal battle, there's only one lucky person left standing. No adults, no kids, just one kid with a big gun, me. One of the military ships lands and Important Looking Men come out, one of whom refers to me by what amounts to a serial number (Alpha 105 to be precise) and they're quite impressed with my prowess. I'm markedly confused by all this. I'm just a kid, this was a test, what's going on? Turns out I'm part of some big engineering project to make combat-capable individuals prepared for a deep cover mission on another planet where my job is to blend in and report back, and be able to defend myself if necessary. The dream punchline is of course, that I'm being sent to that not-dissimilar planet called Earth. And then I woke up.

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save the world?